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    Everyones Level of PAIN is different, Some feel something and others feel nothing. We use a specialty Numbing technique with high quality numbing solutions during the process. Our goal is to try and keep everyone comfortable during their appointment, Which is also another reasion why following your PRE-CARE instructions No Caffiene 24 hours prior to appointment. Stop use of skin care products that may thin the skin weeks prior. drink lots of water
    Unfortunately some medical conditions can restrict clients from receiving permanent makeup such as: ACCUTANE/RETIN-A: If you have been taking acne medication such as these within 6 months you will not be able to heal properly and will have to heal an additional 6 months prior to procedure. Retinol and Vitamin A users should stop using these items 1 month prior. LATISSE: lash and brow growth serums affect permanent makeup because they enhance extra circulation this is blood flow. Your skin is then hyper sensitive and will bleed easily. stop using these products 4-6 months prior to your eyeliner or brow procedures. PREGNANT/NURSING: being pregnant or nursing can place you and your baby at risk as well as hormones can alter the healed results it is best to wait at least 90 days after you have stopped nursing. DIABETIC: if you are insulin dependent often you will not heal as well and be a heightened risk for infection. it is important to keep your blood sugar level under control to reduce the risk of a slower healing time frame. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: if you have high blood pressure you can be more prone to bleeding which can affect healing and loss of pigment.
  • Can i have MICROBLADING done if i have existing previous cosmetic tattoo work?
    The answer is Yes! and also NO, all at the same time each case is held at an idividual consultation so we can observe how deep the ink was deposited and determine the best course to take for making such corrections. In most cases, clients with previously tattooed eyebrows will need a color correction and/or saline removal prior to microblading. This may take multiple sessions to complete depending on the condition of your skin and the color/hue that the tattoo has formed. We may also be more inclined to recommend a Ombre Shading or Shading service vs. traditional microblaiding. If we’re unable to do a removal due to different situations we would recommend alternatives such as “laser removal” to consider. For individuals seeking color correction/removal, please email us 3 pictures to with the following information 3 pictures (1 front, 2 sides) Date of when you initiall recieved your tattoo Describe current color and describe what you are currently seeking for your new eyebrows. We will then choose the correct course needed to achieve your desired look.
  • What if I have a history of Scarring and keloiding ?
    Microblading is not advised, Any other technique is only suggested with a Doctors Note advice would be go with machine shading though for an option.
  • What exacally is MICROBLADING?
    Microblading is a semi- permanent cosmetic enhancement treatment that creates the illusion of fuller natural looking eyebrows. This New trend is a technique that gives the look of natural HAIRSTROKES to give the appearance of a fuller brow and to fill in sparse parts in the brow. When applied to artistry, microblading mimics the hair growth pattern in your eyebrow to provide a naturally realistic result. This technique implants the pigment into the shape and design of a natural brow. Not idal for really oily skin clients, See machine hairstrokes if this pertains to you.
  • Important health factors to take into concideration.
    There are several other contraindications we’d like you to be made aware of that may require a note from your doctor giving you consent. Uncontrolled Diabetes Type 1 and 2 Uncontrolled High blood pressure Auto-immune disease Thyroid / Graves’ disease Any other medical condition that causes slow healing or a high risk of infection Those with easily triggered post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation Those undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment at present (or due to undergo such treatment) and any radiotherapy or chemotherapy that came to an end less than 42 days ago from the date of the treatment Those on skin medications such as roaccutaine, antasure, steroids Epileptic that has experienced a seizure in the last two years Other concerns to be aware of. Not following the before care instructions or being able to follow the aftercare instructions. (This applies to every scheduled appointment, not just the original procedure) Flu or cold: Please reschedule your appointment if you have a cold or flu Consuming alcohol or caffeine the day before and of the procedure. Doing so will increase blood flow/thinning causing you to bleed which pushes the pigment out and results in less color retention Working out the day before or the day of the procedure If you are or took antibiotics less than 3 weeks from your procedure date People allergic to nickel (must inform us at the time of booking so we can use a different blade for you) People who are taking blood thinning medicines (have to stop using prior to the procedure, please consult with your doctor) People with active acne right on the eyebrows can still have the procedure but will need to avoid the acne area. The same will be done with skin tags and molds People with allergies to makeup or pigmented colors If you’re a blood donor, you may not give blood for 1 year following your procedure (Per Red Cross) If you are a hemophiliac People prone to keloids People who are anemic Please ask us if you have any questions We will be happy to go over your health concerns and explain in deatail all technical issues related.
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