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Brow lamination is a great add on service for technicians . Brow lamination makes the brows look fuller and you can creatively style them to be full and fluffy, naturally tamed, or bold and bushy.

Mastering brow lamination and styling will make you one to watch, and drive demand for you and your business.


The going rate for brow lamination is between $50-$150 per service and only takes about 45 minutes to perform. It’s one of those services where you can work less and earn more.



Brow lamination is a mild chemical process that reshapes a client's natural eyebrow hairs. It can also be referred to as a “brow lift,” “eyebrow perm” or “feather brows.” After a brow lamination, a client’s eyebrows will look fuller, fluffy, smooth and tamed, but there are endless styles you can design. It’s great for technicians who want to offer an easy service and see instant and transformative results.


Clients love brow lamination. This treatment is sought out by those who want to restyle or reshape their brows, want the appearance of fuller brows, or want to tame pesky hairs that grow in a different direction from the rest.  and not yet commit to pmu, all hough this is also a great sample service for potential pmu clients.


Results last 4-8 weeks, depending on the natural hair growth cycle and aftercare.


if wanting online , zoom. or to pay for class in payments please pay deposit under the trainings tab.

this item is for full payment only


  • training deposits and full payments are NON REFUNDABLE

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