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This Treatment That has hit the scenes and has taken off with popularity! Now you can learn 2 styles, HENNA AND TINTING


This system is completely revolutionary You can provide each service with custom beautiful brows that have a henna tint to fill in any sparse parts that are needed, talk about a well groomed finished look that will last for a couple weeks  and have your client wanting to continue to come back  to have that wake up with no make up well groomed filled look that is not permanent. This training also includes a bonus of learning  Brow tiniting with the ombre effects and custom color matching.


You will also learn basic brow mapping so you can create the best brow shape for your client. this is also a great service to add to brow lamination.


Henna/ tinted brows are also a great start point for your clients that aren’t quit ready to do permanent cosmetics.



if wanting online , zoom. or to pay for class in payments please pay deposit under the trainings tab.

this item is for full payment only


  • training deposits and full payments are NON REFUNDABLE

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