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LightStim Skincar


With a breathable design that mimics the skin’s natural barrier, the professional-grade LightStim SheetMasque helps soften fine lines and wrinkles and reduce redness. Gentle and nourishing, this ultra-hydrating bio cellulose masque quickly restores your skin giving you a healthy, radiant complexion.



  • Includes:
  • • LightStim PhotoSerum
  • • LightStim SheetMasque (Box of 6)
  • • 3x LightStim SheetMasques (Single)
  • (Total of 9 SheetMasques)





The Power of LightStim Patented Technology

LightStim’s unique design features and patents expand the potential of light therapy for even greater benefits.

Supports the Body’s Natural Repair Processes

Helps promote a more youthful and robust response to factors that accelerate the aging process.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA

All devices manufactured in-house by LightStim to ensure the highest quality control.


  • All lightstim products are to be handled through lightstim manufaturing directly tin kitten beauty bar is not held responsible 

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