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We do not just teach you how to perform a teeth whitening treatment – that is easy. We give you the theory and scientific background to understand how teeth whitening occurs.

your are taught  how to do it safely, legally, and how to limit your liability and protect yourself. you will be able to answer all your clients questions accurately and professionally


you will learn

Tooth Anatomy & Physiology , Gum Anatomy, Sections & Composition of a Human Tooth, Artificial Teeth, The Teeth Whitening Process, The First 24 Hours , The White Diet , Aftercare Instructions,  Recommended Pricing,  Causes of Staining & Tooth Discolouration , How does Teeth Whitening Work?

How White Can Teeth Go? Hydrogen Peroxide vs Carbonated Peroxide, Whitening vs Bleaching, Desensitising Gel

LED vs UV, Teeth Whitening Risks,  Who Should Not Undertake Teeth Whitening Treatments? Hygiene & Safety , Legislation & Legal Limits  , Let's Set Up Your Work Area , How to Prepare


if wanting online , zoom. or to pay for class in payments please pay deposit under the trainings tab.

this item is for full payment only




  • training deposits and full payments are NON REFUNDABLE

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